Profession of Absolute King of all the kingdoms & key to Immortality, Immune to injustice, ignorance & indecency. Let’s adopt the same, for safety, security & sustainable survival.


Event of Resisting Reality, Obviously offers Reaction. TERRORISM…..TERROR…..ERROR, basically it was an “ERROR” initially, with the passage of time, transformed into TERROR, and the same is Ignored by Scientific Materialism…now appeared as TERRORISM.    


Millitant  Output, objectively Ruined republics & regions, by Networks of Injustice, ignorance, indecency & Immune to Good governance. That’s WHY Good has become a Dream & Mornings always bring MOURNINGS, for majority of Men & Women.


Religiously resisting Institutions of injustice, Cruelty, corruption & concerned conductor for  Health, happiness & heavenly environment for       humanity.


Disease, death & destruction, Output of Nuclear Arsenal  Lit & led by Defence forces… Teacher’s Request… USA & umbrella of all other sovereign states to Moralize Politics of the PLANET for PEACE & Prosperity.