Reject Existing Science,  Education, Art,  Religious relative realities,  Culture & History. note Remember Education needs to be Educated….asap


Strongly Condemn Orlando’s Religiously rude, Politically poisonous & Internationally, indifferent for the institutional integrity of Islam, initiated by Omer Mateen, s/o Seddique Mir Mateen    ( Most recent Act of Terrorisms shooting in a night club, in Orlando, Florida in USA, in which more than 49 people were killed, and 55 people were injured)


Traditional Output, is Deviating from Absolute Yardstick…. Absolute yardstick, is PIETY alone, where as we , on the other hand, have developed two dimensional, institutional myth namely Patriotism & Punctuality…..due to this nuclear cause, Humanity or Human Rights have lost their rational values.


Transform, Each Accessible Community member into Hundred % Evil Resistant. The term,  Evil, purely  refers to constitutionally defined Acts only.