Invariant in


Nature, or the one, who own’s nature created communities of angels, who are constantly performing their respected task or duty, e.g honey bee, which is basically providing honey is simply carrying out the set of instructions, which suits to his or her existence acts like a software..or for instance the clouds which bring rain, The Sun and the Moon etc etc…all set to perform their duties they are supposed to created for. On the other side, Man or woman has created computers or artificial intelligent machines or even simple mechanical, electrical or electromagnetic gadgets, similar to angels, which are following instructions and made to carry out instruction to do this and that.



Evil, is a

Liability on




Organizations &

Network of Nations….

When we see spectrum of white light, it runs from Radio waves to Gamma Rays from one extreme to another passing through, visible region which contains all the seven colors. On the same footing, the spectrum of EVIL…consists of whole range from social to sexual, political to physical, educational to economical, cultural to constitutional, technological to traffic, racial to regional, architectural to administrative & moral to medicinal to media etc…

Religion is not only confines to prayers only it demands owners of ALL RELIGION to improve their day today affairs to uphold equality, truth, justice, charity, and fight against what is global or local threats, like diseases, hunger, poverty, racism and prejudices due to color, creed, genders or believes. As a whole the entire 24/7 life of the planet could easily be confined to the single umbrella of Religion. Can’t we have rights of Human beings conserved just like the charge, momentum and spin is conserved, in interaction between matter and energy…? the answer is very much yes, and this can even go to have Love, Peace and Happiness, conserved in all human interaction…

What you like for yourself, like the same for other too”  Muhammad (pbuh)



Application of

Time, to

Initiate &



Cause of


Weather you see people making Que for getting a product or services, at local shop, out let or hospital, or in an educational institute for getting their hostel facility, or applying a loan in the bank, its very much normal to see people waiting for their turn. Its quite normal to see people waiting for traffic signal, to turn green…In all such examples, I have quoted above and those, I didn’t feel quoting we see observe that Time is the only finance…which is avoiding so many evils which may be come uncontrolled leading grave consequences.

In the sports of high jumps, cricket, boxing, hockey & American football, sports ware, such as foams or balloons, batting gloves, helmets & pads…… are used to increase the time of collision, which if not used can prove fatal leading to physical injury or even death…In all such examples time is again the finance.





Committed to



Network of

Cause &


From Spin conservation to Cosmology, from Information technology to Electricity & magnetism, from Neuronal networking to Chemical bonding & from Engineering to educational technology….the spiritual commitment…… finance every thing.


Quality, the



Target in

Every field.

From educational to economy, social skills to software, teaching to technology & trades, business to blogs, medicines to managing marriage life, culture to cosmic travelling etc etc …….. you think of any field, the destiny of achieving top quality products or services becomes, the dynamics in our 24/7 life.



Art &




Since last 29 civilization, WE the family members of ONE common Planet, are simply tuned to promote  practically, through Poisonous political programs,  the historically horrible & hazardous institution of WAR, which unfortunately, conceived, initiated, organized and manged by NO other than the honorable members of our family of Men & Women. Time,  has come to THINK, offer SORRY to what ever mistakes we as Human family members have committed.