Nasim Qasmi
Nasim Qasmi


Turning Earth into Paradise is our business.

Have been teaching Physics…..and now in the process of turning into Political Physicist…..NOT AT ALL interested in establishing any new umbrella of an other Political party or flag.…but certainly a new slogan…..Lets ALL LIVE ( HUM SUB JEYEIN ).

Life expectancy ranges from 49. 42 in Swaziland to 82.6 in Japan and the maximum life span recorded in history, is 122 years.

The dimensions as well as resources of nature are infinite but life span of human is confined in the cage of time, as mentioned above.

I personally think, that the life span is also infinite, which means immortality is associated with life, but the software, humans are initially born with, carries a virus, causing immortality to disappear and recorded as death, causes of death, different ranges of life expectancy, which vary from one civilization to another and a whole spectrum of diseases, treatments under the ever rising umbrella of medical institutions. “Agenda  wait for more to come soon….



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