June 5, 1995, while serving as Education officer, at Pakistan Marine Academy, a training institution under ports & shipping wing of ministry of communication, in Karachi Pakistan, I initiated a proposal for the government of Pakistan, to setup crime & disease free world and further requested my departmental head, to send my request to arrange an official meeting with the then PM, so that the benefits of the proposal could be provided to common citizens via the head of state as a gift and if such a meeting was administratively not conceived, my request may kindly be treated as my resignation. The idea for such a proposal, was an effect, triggered & caused by the culture of death & destruction, the city of Karachi was going through in 1995. In Aug, 1998, I was blessed by the gift of removal from services, which I was unable to defend in the respective court of law due to lack of funds as my salary was stopped in March, 1995. I joined teaching in a private institutions to support my family and the same is still continued, September, 2009 President of Pakistan announced to reinstate those removed from services during 1996-98 I moved my petition for reinstatement but failed to get a response accept an official reply received from the President’s house, informing me that the request is being considered. September, 2011 Supreme Court of Pakistan took suo-moto action on Karachi unrest case, I wrote many times, to the Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Pakistan to provide me a chance to hear me as a major stake holder as for as this case is concerned, which was finally accepted on November 9, 2013 and I was asked to appear in Supreme Court in Islamabad on November 11, 2013……. to be continued….



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