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Science of

Sacrifice for

ALLAH, is the


Need for all nations.


Hussain (razi Allah ho talla) was the grand son of prophet Muhammad(PBUH) who bravely led the group of 72 of his close relatives including nuclear members of his family, and set an example for all, and laid down the foundation of ” science of sacrifice” by offering his life along with the group only for upholding RIGHT over WRONG. In my view he was a live example of acting as SUPER CONDUCTOR for the current of Instruction of  ALLAH. The EVENT , known as ASHOORA is held every year in the Islamic world and out  side as well, and this year is being held on SUNDAY, 25th Nov, 2012,  (for moe details search  on intenet by simply typing “hussain”)

Published by Nasim Qasmi

Teaching Physics, for the last 5 decades, and very much interested in turning Earth into Paradise by marketing spiritual products, Love, Peace & Happiness which, I believe, are the cultural assets of Immortal life,