Application of

Time, to

Initiate &



Cause of


Weather you see people making Que for getting a product or services, at local shop, out let or hospital, or in an educational institute for getting their hostel facility, or applying a loan in the bank, its very much normal to see people waiting for their turn. Its quite normal to see people waiting for traffic signal, to turn green…In all such examples, I have quoted above and those, I didn’t feel quoting we see observe that Time is the only finance…which is avoiding so many evils which may be come uncontrolled leading grave consequences.

In the sports of high jumps, cricket, boxing, hockey & American football, sports ware, such as foams or balloons, batting gloves, helmets & pads…… are used to increase the time of collision, which if not used can prove fatal leading to physical injury or even death…In all such examples time is again the finance.



Published by Nasim Qasmi

Teaching Physics, for the last 5 decades, and very much interested in turning Earth into Paradise by marketing spiritual products, Love, Peace & Happiness which, I believe, are the cultural assets of Immortal life,