Evil, is a

Liability on




Organizations &

Network of Nations….

When we see spectrum of white light, it runs from Radio waves to Gamma Rays from one extreme to another passing through, visible region which contains all the seven colors. On the same footing, the spectrum of EVIL…consists of whole range from social to sexual, political to physical, educational to economical, cultural to constitutional, technological to traffic, racial to regional, architectural to administrative & moral to medicinal to media etc…

Religion is not only confines to prayers only it demands owners of ALL RELIGION to improve their day today affairs to uphold equality, truth, justice, charity, and fight against what is global or local threats, like diseases, hunger, poverty, racism and prejudices due to color, creed, genders or believes. As a whole the entire 24/7 life of the planet could easily be confined to the single umbrella of Religion. Can’t we have rights of Human beings conserved just like the charge, momentum and spin is conserved, in interaction between matter and energy…? the answer is very much yes, and this can even go to have Love, Peace and Happiness, conserved in all human interaction…

What you like for yourself, like the same for other too”  Muhammad (pbuh)

Published by Nasim Qasmi

Teaching Physics, for the last 5 decades, and very much interested in turning Earth into Paradise by marketing spiritual products, Love, Peace & Happiness which, I believe, are the cultural assets of Immortal life,