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Theory of Relativity, put forward by Albert Einstein, led to establish a link between mass & energy, inter conversion and above all an upper limit for material to have a speed not greater than 300000000 m/s. In a lab of planet Earth, where Humans are living since ages, have developed entire spectrum of cultures, including visible and invisible sections. If one qualitatively analyse the spectrum of entire life span of one human being alone between gynecological center &  graveyards , which looks complicated initially as it involves threats to his or her freedom along with private life, thinking, its communications, verbally, or electronically including telephonic or email. This problem could easily be solved by slicing down, which is not the purpose of my discussion at the moment, but WE HUMANS are not like particles having mass, velocity, momentum etc but yes WE are analyzed in accordance with our activities, attitudes or characters while we interact on a wide plate form from social to spiritual via biological & sexual etc. Our movement are basically moral, which embarrasses the entire spectrum, I have just pointed out. Unfortunately our cultural norms are passing through a transition periods and before we come to one single globally OR objectively accepted culture which comes with the card of disobedience what is needed most is the application of theory of relativity to define and put an upper limit on moral movement similar to speed of light. Prior to that we have to employ three dimensional technique involving Art, Religion and Science.

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