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The above school is about to start in few weeks,  in the city of Karachi, where it is needed the most. The basic idea is to provide moral fabric in weaving the culture, education, economy, sociology and politics to ensure sustainable progress in the art of living on Earth along with so many members of one human family, scattered all over this beautiful planet. I personally believe, that rise and fall of nations or group is directly linked with the rise and fall of Moral values and activating institution of morality is, my dream as well as my passion, in promoting the educational set up, under the umbrella of SMILE which is not restricted to normal school timings but intends to provide the never ending, educational environment  24/7 accessible on Internet as well. 




Published by Nasim Qasmi

Teaching Physics, for the last 5 decades, and very much interested in turning Earth into Paradise by marketing spiritual products, Love, Peace & Happiness which, I believe, are the cultural assets of Immortal life,