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The city, where I finished my schooling, graduated & started teaching in 1973,  has turned into the most hazardous for human life, despite of the fact that the number of educational institutes imparting education on the whole spectrum, ranging from art, science and technology, along with the huge population of mosques, religious institutions mainly focusing religious teachings, promotion of religious institutions like positivism, social attitude towards well beings of the society as whole, tolerance, patience, safety and security etc etc. but due to institution of killing, which has now become the most activated national sports of our culture, the life of a common citizen is very much on stake. Muhammad(pbuh) the, the prophet whom we love said the following on two occasions;

a) Killing of one human being amounts to killing an entire human race.                                    

b) If you are offering  prayer, while a kid is lying near a well and if you fear that the kid might fall in the well than, break your prayer & save the kid first. (The prayer, is NOT suspended but its form changes as prayers, surely, STOPS evils of all kinds)

Both the statements support how the LIFE of a single human being , a precious gift of nature is of paramount importance in the eyes of Muhammad(pbuh) and the one, who sent Muhammad (pbuh) along, with the invariant, flawless, scientifically & morally advanced software for the entire mankind… the form of QURAN.  

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