Super Nationality

The two vital institutions of our lives, namely, nationality & religion are simply the signs of our identification and marked clearly on our Identity Cards or passports, which are very much required when ever we travel to or from our home land. On the other hand when we observe the other species, like birds, eagles, a whole community of marine lives, or 92 naturally occurring elements and the entire world of their compound we do not know if Religion or Nationality plays any influential role in their lives or do they have any nationality or religion….We know one thing for sure, that Chemicals, cosmic bodies are known because of there actions and I am sure communities shouldn’t be exempted from this vital and active umbrella.

We don’t classify atoms, elements or their compounds on the basis of nationality or religion, like, an Pakistani¬†Muslim Electron or RUSSIAN CHRISTIAN HYDROGEN ATOM etc etc. Similarly when we observe the dynamics of birds, air or temperature etc etc, non of them need to carry any traveling documents, the trajectory of their movement in air or water in case of marine lives, is immune from any man made cage of nationality or religion… be cont..¬†

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