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Since I have Started sharing my posts, with my family members, scattered all over the planet, i have just know realized that in each reply, I offered to my readers, who spent their valuable time, in reading, responding, commenting as well as providing suggestion, I simply used THANKS, a five letter word which I think is not enough for the services of my readers , mentioned above. I have been wondering How early I can offer some thing in addition to THANKS without disturbing the sanctity, it carries. To day I am very happy to provide some thing extra, for all my readers in response to their respect, and honor they have been responding with. I hope they would also like another post, which is commonly transmitted, received and respected allover the world, every instant of time.

Published by Nasim Qasmi

Teaching Physics, for the last 5 decades, and very much interested in turning Earth into Paradise by marketing spiritual products, Love, Peace & Happiness which, I believe, are the cultural assets of Immortal life,